ESP8266 Weather Station

status: frozen
tags: iot, esp8266

ESP8266 Weather Station is a custom built IoT device with OLED, Wifi, Secure MQTT and a variety of sensors.

The device connects to the predefined Wifi network with the WPA2 pass. Then it iterates, gathers environmental data, updates the OLED display and pushes them to cloudmqtt as JSON payloads.


  • Wifi
  • OLED Screen
  • Low consumption, battery powered
  • Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure, Dew Point, Battery Voltage
  • Secure MQTT connection


  • C++, Arduino IDE, MQTT
  • Used a Wemos D1 for convenience and low cost
  • Lithium rechargable 3.6V battery
  • Custom built module connections


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