NRF24L01+ Scanner

The idea

I love experimenting around with different wireless frequencies. Also the NRF24L01+ is a very-powerful-for-its-cost module that allows care-free experimentation because of its price. I want to have a correct perception of what is happening around me, which frequencies are saturated and also discover secret comms.

The nRF24L01+ can operate on 125 different channels which means that it includes the Wifi, Bluetooth and Zigbee ranges (among others).

The basic layout

A raspberry pico, a voltage regulator (at 3.3V) and a cheap, chinese NRF24L01+.

Breadboard layout

The view

I haven’t yet used any sophisticated UI to view the per frequency saturation, I am just using the Thonny’s terminal one.

The view

What’s next

I am thinking about adding an LCD wide screen to the schematics and maybe a battery, all well fitted in a 3D printed box that could be carried around. Also track the saturation and draw some conclusions about its usage.