# About me

I am an experienced Security Software developer, focusing on Ruby, Unix, Networks & Security. I am also a linux & devOps lover, shredding guitar player, IoT enthusiast, world traveller, amateur photographer and husband, currently living in Athens, Greece. I own a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Informatics (Computer Engineering).

Once upon a time I was a Senior Service Delivery Analyst and Network Administrator, so I've built enough experience in Network systems and IT Systems Management.

I usually can't hide my extreme passion in solving problems and dissassembling, which feeds from my hunger in finding out how complex things work underneath what we see.

Thank you for visiting my cyber Home!


  • Never follow conventional routes, think always out of the box.
  • If a conservative person believes I am wrong, it's a sign that I'm on the right track.

  • There is no gain without pain.

  • I never believe what I see.

  • I am not impressed by overnight success. Like Icarus, he who raises high quickly, falls quickly.